Meet the Team – Gareth Edwards

We’re really proud of the team we’re building here at RPM Consultants. Find out more about one of our Consultants – Gareth Edwards

What’s your name?
Gareth Edwards

What’s your role at RPM?
I am a consultant, working in the Client Services team, managing some of our key commercial property clients.

What’s a typical day like?
It can vary during the month, depending on if we’re processing and analysing recharge data.

When we’re processing recharges, we collate meter readings from the client properties and then review to highlight any issues or irregular usage.

These are crossed check against meter and energy invoices, before approving the energy bill for payment and providing a tenant recharge statement.

Depending upon the client, we can provide energy consumption reports, highlighting areas for further investigation to improve a building’s energy efficiency.

What do you like most about your role and RPM?
It’s a really exciting time to be working at RPM. Although the consultancy was established in 1985, it’s had new owners since 2020 so it feels like a start-up, with lots of new ideas and a rapidly expanding team.

It’s also great to be part of the RPM client services team. I’m able to share my experience and knowledge from previous roles, but also learn from James, our Technical Director, who is our recharge expert.

Plus, it’s an exciting sector to be working in right now. Energy efficiency will become increasingly important in the coming months, and I’m glad I can make a difference.

With energy efficiency becoming more important, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give?
For our commercial clients, I’d say it’s important to regularly review your building’s plant. Make sure everything is running efficiently, that the heating and lighting settings match key usage times.

If your property has a BEMS (Building Energy Management System), use it to analyse any optimiser or compensator reports, to ensure energy usage is not wasted.

But if I’m at home, I’d go old school, and suggest my family put another jumper on!

And finally, is it… tea or coffee? Dog or a cat person?
Mine’s a coffee, white no sugar.
Probably a dog, but if I’m honest, probably neither. Sorry…

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