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Utility Purchasing

Utility Purchasing

Client-focused purchasing

Effective and strategic Energy purchasing should play a critical role in business planning for any organisation. At RPM, we provide a full-service utility purchasing consultancy, to help businesses control energy usage, manage supplier contracts and minimize costs.

Backed by our unique understanding of the energy sector and with 35 years of experience in working with large corporate customers and commercial property management teams, we develop tailored energy purchasing strategies for our clients.

Where possible, we will interrogate previous consumption or billing data to ensure any key trends are highlighted.

Our recommendations are always client-focused, ensuring best fit for you and your organisation, and are benchmarked against a range of suppliers.

Ensuring a smooth changeover

Once agreed, RPM can manage the entire utility procurement process from start to finish, including any supplier changeover.

We liaise with all relevant parties to ensure the correct implementation of the new supplier contract from the agreed dates.

And finally, once the contract is in place, your dedicated account manager will monitor ongoing consumption. We ensure our recommendations are working for you and delivering against the agreed KPIs.

A positive impact throughout your business and beyond

By accessing RPM’s utility purchasing consultancy, not only can you save money and improve business profitability, but also free up valuable time to focus on other business priorities.

At the same time, tenants can feel more settled as they are able to manage and budget more effectively, resulting in improved long-term relationships and tenant stability.

An in-depth initial consultation

Before making any recommendations, we work with you and your organisation to understand:

  • The strategic and organisational priorities for your business
  • Whether purchasing for single properties or a multi-site portfolio
  • Your preference for a fixed or flexible approach to budgeting
  • Previous usage including over or under consumption

RPM Utility Purchasing


In-depth customer consultation and review of historic previous data usage to understand customer’s strategic priorities and energy needs


RPM develops tailored energy purchasing proposal, negotiating prices and commercial terms as required


Client approves tailored proposal; RPM confirms agreement with energy supplier


RPM manage supplier changeover and monitors ongoing usage

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