Case Study

Strategic Recommendations to Improve Property Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency


As part of RPM Consultants’ standard client benchmarking review, high gas usage was identified as an issue for a high profile mixed-usage commercial property in Central London.

Increased usage could be seen in several years of historical data and was out of sync compared to similar buildings within the client’s portfolio.

Our energy consultants were asked to undertake a more detailed analysis and energy report of the building (energy consumption data and on-site visits) to investigate possible causes.

What We Did

RPM Consultants highlighted several issues including:

  • Pipework deficiencies (water leaks when heating system was switched off) which meant the heating system and boilers were left on all year 24/7
  • Domestic hot water was on the same circuit as the commercial heating system. This meant the heating was never fully isolated over summer, leading to high energy losses.
  • Evidence of heating and cooling systems in conflict.
  • Poor external insulation and a poor Building Management System (BMS)
  • Inaccurate and increased service charges for all tenants.

Outcomes and Impact

RPM Consultants provided recommendations and projected energy cost savings over a 5 year period. This helped our client obtain substantial budget approval for their long-term energy infrastructure improvements.

Successful outcomes included:

  • The pipework for heating was replaced, enabling heating to be switched off overnight and at weekends, reducing energy consumption
  • Heating and domestic hot water piping were separated allowing both systems to work more efficiently
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) converted to electric, allowing a heating system drain down and isolation during the Summer
  • Improved insulation throughout the building reducing energy requirements
  • Improved BMS reporting to help highlight consumption anomalies in the future
  • Revised service charges for all tenants, improving landlord tenant relations.

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